Paras is an NFT marketplace that enables an easy way for creators to mint and sells their NFTs.

Intro to Paras

Paras is an NFT marketplace that focuses on digital collectibles. We thrive upon bringing conventional collectibles to crypto space. We started with digital art cards that were inspired by real-world trading cards that have been bulletproof and forever lasting since they were introduced back in the 80s. We believe that every single physical art form needs to be stored and digitized to keep it future-proof. Paras, an all-in-one digital collectible marketplace, is eager to diversify the assets to digital collectibles.

By building the platform under NEAR and IPFS/Filecoin, we want to track the ownership of every single collectible in our platform. Through these solutions, Paras validates ownership and gives access to every purchase and mint to the public. Running on top of NEAR, a scalable blockchain, Paras offers very cheap and fast transactions for users.

Paras offers an easy way for creators and developers to build their crypto-native application on top of the Paras marketplace. There are 2 ways to interact with Paras Marketplace:

Paras API

Paras also offer API for everyone that uses language outside Javascript/NodeJS. This enables more flexibility for developers to integrate Paras with their current system.

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